Managed Cloud Backup

Branham  IT Solutions provides a number of backup solutions depending on the needs of our clients.  With B.I.T.S. managed cloud backup you get the peace of mind that your data is being protected and that someone is actively monitoring the status of that protection.  Many small businesses today have failed due to loss of mission critical business data, which could have been prevented by either having a data backup plan in place or by actively monitoring or testing the plan they had in place.

B.I.T.S. Managed Cloud Backup:

  • Protects your mission critical data daily or multiple times a day
  • Stored and transmitted remotely in an encrypted manner as to protect it from unauthorized use and to ensure your compliance with regulations
  • Stored in climate controlled facilities with redundant power and data connectivity
  • B.I.T.S Monitors reports daily for failures and remediates the problems for you
  • Data can be stored solely in the cloud or both a local copy and the cloud
  • Ability to backup any system, simple to complex
  • In the event of a hardware failure, data loss, or a ransomware attack B.I.T.S will be right by your side to get your systems back up and running just like they were right before the event.

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