What is Business VoIP Telephone Service:

Business VoIP Service replaces your traditional dated telephone lines with the modern more capable equivilent. 

Traditional phone service is outdated

Traditional Phone Service worked great for years but hasn't made the needed upgrades to stay current

This was your traditional telephone service your have been used to since Alexander Graham Bell made his first phone call; but time and needs have changed.  Unfortunately traditional Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) hasn’t changed with the times.

POTS service is prone to outages and expensive to expand

Traditional phone service is prone to outages and makes growth complicated and expensive

POTS lines are prone to outages caused by natural disasters and nearby construction.  To expand a system based around POTS lines can require phone company construction to install more lines while costing extra in install charges with each addition.

Covid 19 image

Unfortunately it took COVID 19 to highlight the need for change

It’s unfortunate that it takes a pandemic level issue to highlight the shortcomings of our communications platforms.  Due to our need to be socially distanced Zoom and Teams spring up as being the new way to meet, in addition we are seeing VoIP telephone service as the new way to communicate over the phone.

Pre-VoIP communications expansion

Expanding your business communications used to be complex and costly

Expaning your business to open remote offices, home based workers, and new branches used to require complex engineering and costly private lines.  In many cases this delayed or prevented businesses from opening remote offices and branches and made it almost impossibly cost prohibitive to have home workers with the full communications ability that they would need to be fully functional.

Modern Business VoIP Telephone Service

Until Business VoIP Telephone changed everything

Now expanding or changing your business telephone system is simple.  With Business VoIP Telephone Service adding new users or offices is as simple as adding them to the portal and plugging in their phone.  The costly visits of the past to move an employee from one seat to another are no longer, now to move an employee is as simple as having them take their telephone to the new seat and plug it in.  No call to get the new seat setup with their extension and name, just plug-n-play.

To setup a new branch, store, or remote user is now simplified as well.  No more dedicated lines or costly circuits.  Just order the phones you need for the new location and we will help you configure them in the portal to meet your needs.

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