Disaster Recovery

Whether they are natural or man-made, disasters happen.  Fires, Water Damage, hurricanes, Floods, climate control system failures, hackers, malicouse users, and accidental deletion are all top reasons for loss of data.  Do you feel you are Protected from all of these and can be back to work in minutes or less?  If not we can help. 



Data Loss happens more often than most business owners want to admit and can be the final blow that closes a business for good.

Data loss doesn’t have to be a worry anymore.  Everyday businesses close for many reasons and loss of mission critical data can be one of them.   According to FEMA after a disaster 40 percent of businesses fail to reopen, and of the ones that do 25 percent of those fail within a year.  Your customers and your employees count on your business day to day.  Don’t let data loss compound the situation.  We work together with our clients to make sure data protection and business resiliance is a top priority.

End User Security awareness Training

Proper limitation of physical access

Logical separation of information on a needs basis

Effictive Security Software and Firewall Controls

Patch and Vulnerability Management

Documented Security Policies and Procedures

Auditing, Red Team and Penetration Testing


What People Are Saying

One of our business partners required us to provide proof of our compliance with PCI (Payment Card Industry) Guidelines, as well as the SANS Instute’s CIS Top 20 security threats to continue doing business with them. 

Each of these could have been an extrememly costly project, but Branham IT Solutions was able to come up with a cost effective solution to handle both of these and we were able to continue business as usual.

IT Dept

Call Center

HIPAA Copliance could be a ownerous task to take on.  Tying up our limited staff resources handling audits and writing procedures.

Branham IT Solutions helped us remain compliant while we kept our staff working on our projects.

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