win 10 logo vertical 640For almost a year now Microsoft has been promoting (pushing) a “Get Windows 10 Free” upgrade to every PC running Windows 7 or 8. The upgrade has been controversial, mostly because of Microsoft’s aggressive tactics – several of our customers have found themselves “upgraded” without permission! But all that will end soon – on July 29, 2016, the free upgrade offer will end, forever (really). So should you take advantage while you still can? This is not a “one-size-fits-all” situation – there are quite a few PC models which aren’t fully compatible with Windows 10, so if you upgrade you may find your mouse or network doesn’t work quite right anymore. And a few (very few) applications that run on Windows 7 won’t run properly on 10. (The good news is if you decide you don’t want the upgrade it’s easy to revert back to your previous Windows if you do so in the first 30 days after the upgrade). But overall the new Windows 10 has had mostly positive reviews, and it’s designed to be more secure and more cloud-and-touch-friendly than Windows 7 without being as shockingly different as Windows 8. Plus Windows 10 will be supported by Microsoft for the forseeable future, where Windows 7 will become unsafe to use in 2020 (and Windows 8 in 2023). If your hardware is in good shape then taking the free upgrade can save you from buying a new computer for a few more years.

Windows 7’s support ends January 2020, Windows 8’s ends January 2023.Windows 10, if kept updated, is expected to last long after 2025.

Still, after the debacle that was Windows 8 many people are hesitant to upgrade. And Microsoft’s pushiness with the free upgrade isn’t helping.So if you want to learn more about Windows 10 and what it’s like to use BEFORE you upgrade, we’ve got a deal for you. Our partners at Bigger Brains are allowing us to post their “Windows 10 Essentials” training course right here on our website for you for FREE until July 29 (Click below). free windows 10 training